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Wah wahhh . . Hari ni dijangka henpon ala2 N95 ku bakal sampai. . yeeha ! Harap2 seller tu tak memungkiri janji la ekk . .
Oleh kerna itu pepagi ni saya nak berblog tentang henpon, kebetolan terbaca kat Yahoo! tadi tentang Top 10 Chic Cell Phones . Jommm layannn . . . *tp sorry ler sy tak sediakan khidmat translate , u all paham2 sendiri la yer . . .
This phone is all about subtlety — and when it’s turned off and closed, you might wonder what makes it different from a thousand different other clamshells. But as soon as the 1.9-inch exterior display lights up from beneath the dark plastic shell, or you flip it open and see the gradient keypad and unique directional controls, it’s obvious Nokia has invested some work in making the intrigue something unique. Being able to read texts immediately on that generous outside screen makes some of these aesthetic points genuinely useful, too. *pehhhh .. mmg mengancam btoi henpon ini … tmbh plak flip2 , Hanie sokaaaaaa … !

2. Sony Ericsson T707

Tennis great Maria Sharapova lends her face to a lovely phone with her endorsement of the T707, Sony Ericsson’s latest style-oriented clamshell. Besides the usual selection of decidedly feminine colors, the phone also pulls some neat parlor tricks: When it rings, it lights up in one several colors that can be pre-assigned to different contacts — you might assign green for friends and orange for coworkers, for instance. Wave your hand over it when it’s ringing, and it will automatically mute the call. Perfect for those orange-light calls on the weekend. * ohhh blue color … menawannnn …

3. BlackBerry Bold
Who would have thought QWERTY keyboards could be so stylish? RIM’s most attractive BlackBerry yet uses a bright, high-resolution screen, sleek silver trim, and a back trimmed in leather to dress up one of its ordinarily utilitarian smartphones. And execs on the go can still check the weather in a flash, read e-mail on the go, and blister their thumbs with responses. The suit-and-tie crowd never had it this good. *alamak dabaknyer .. not my taste

4. LG Versa

For indecisive types who can’t decide whether to commit to the convenience and speed of a QWERTY keyboard, or the small size and light weight of just a number pad, the Versa offers both. A full keyboard built into a detachable leather portfolio allows owners to carry it fully equipped or stripped down, depending on the situation, and we think it looks sharp in either configuration. * ok laaa …

5. LG Lotus

Is that a phone or a makeup compact? You’ll probably give the answer away when you open it and put it against your head, but the intentionally femmed-up design still goes a long way in setting this phone apart. A squat, squared-off body and sweeping floral patterns on the violet outside case may allude to another fashion-over-function girly phone, but we found the full QWERTY keyboard inside and wide screen made its design genuinely useful, too. * sowy x minat gakkk.. ahaksss

Okey . . . to be continued for another 5 chic phones. CHECK IT OUT !!


10 Responses

  1. kakyong says:

    >salam Ummi Hanie,rege tiap hfon tak de ker… heheheh.. :D

  2. ~~ciklinn~~ says:

    >huaaaaaaaaaaaa sonoknya ada tel baru…. huhuhuhuhuhuh

  3. Ummi Hanie says:

    >to KAK YONG ;alamak sowy ler kak yong , rege tu teman x dapat nak nolong .. nape , kakyong berkenan yg nombor braper ? boleh Hanie intai2 kat nnti ..hehehhhto CIK LINN ;musti laaa sonoookkk xsampai2 lagi ni cik linn .. mungkir janji btolll …

  4. kakchik says:

    >Assalamualaikum Hanie,1. Terima kasih sudi ke blog KakChik.2. Suka sangat entri pasal phone ni.3. Cantiknya Sony Ericsson tu tapi selalu pakai Nokia. Kakchik pun suka yg flip2 ni.4. Kalau ada masa KakChik singgah lagi.

  5. Rai says:

    >alamak..tak chic la hs saya cikai je.. hihi..basic function & sms..

  6. Ummi Hanie says:

    >to KAKCHIK ;thanx kembali kerna sudi jenguk balik blog Hanie ni yer …suke yer entry phone2 ni ? nnti2 Hanie carik bahan lagi yer sbb Hanie pun suke cuci2 mate tgk bende2 ni …taste kite pun same yg flip2 tu kanmai la selalu kakchik , leh kite kenal2an lagi RAI ;ala xper la x chic pun , janji leh wat call , terime call n messaging .. tu sebenarnyer fungsi utama henpon kan , yg lain2 tu eksen2 jer … heheeee

  7. kakyong says:

    >ummi Hanie…setakat nak tau rege jer… kemampuan skrg ni memang tak mampu le, takat fon yg ade tu beli rm200++ jer.. boleh le amik foto kat tmpt2 yg susah nak bawa digital kamera… boleh buat call & sms, cukup dah tu..

  8. Ummi Hanie says:

    >btol tu kakyong..dah ade kamera tu kire canggih ler tu , handy utk dibawa ke mane2 kan… Hanie pun baru ni nk merasa henpon dabak sket .. hehehhh

  9. >Wahhhhh..nmpk blackberry bold lg lawa drp iPhonelh.. :)

  10. >Pelakon Fazura tu ade 3 blackberry..Kayo2..Ketiga2 nye bf die yg kerabatdi raja tu kasi..Haiii..bertuah badan..

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