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(sambungan) TOP 10 Chic Cell Phones

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(sambungan) TOP 10 Chic Cell Phones

Ok as i promised yesterday , here are the last five of Top 10 Chic Cell Phones . . .
Ignoring its completely inexcusable price tag, Motorola’s Aura definitely scores points in the style department with premium, watch-grade materials and an unusual radial opening form factor. The circular center LCD also looks absolutely stunning in real life, too, thanks to its incredible tight dot pitch and impressive color palette of 16 million shades. Now if only you could buy one for less than a 50-inch plasma TV… * musti mahal ni wehhh .. mcm radar je rupenyer . . .


Though not yet widely accessible, this Israeli phone manufacturer’s design addresses every fickle buyer’s dream: it changes shape whenever you want it to. Due to a modular design (hence the name,) a basic Modu phone unit can “wear” any number of different jackets that change the entire look of the phone. So when you get dressed up accordingly for a formal night on the town or a day at the beach, your phone can, too. * huhhh .. buatan Israel ? jauhilah … xde pun xper . . .

8. HTC Touch Diamond 2

After pulling itself out of a style slump with the original, sharp-edged Touch Diamond, HTC’s designers have exercised their creative might yet again with the (less than creatively named) Touch Diamond 2. Though it loses some of the distinct angles found on the first version, it picks up even better hardware, like a bigger 3.2-inch touch screen and a zoom bar right on the face. We can only hope HTC carries this killer design over into its upcoming line of Android phones for 2009, too. *yg ni mmg santekkk … no doubt


If you want a phone that nearly melts into your pocket with its lack of depth, the 11.8mm-thick Lucido will fit the bill. It offers an ultra-waif body, bright 2.2-inch OLED display, brushed aluminum accents, and a name straight from Italy (it means sleek), which might as well be an endorsement from Giorgio Armani himself for fashionistas. Incidentally, if you actually do need that endorsement, Samsung indulges that too. Pity the Lucido isn’t available in the U.S. * kaki2 fesyen musti suka sama ini henpon . . . Italian style . . .

10 . Apple iPHONE 3G
You knew it was coming, right? While it may not carry any air of exclusivity now that everyone and their 11-year-old daughter has one, we just couldn’t deny Apple props for this chic and functional handset. A real glass screen, smooth metal trim, and nearly buttonless design all combine to form one of the most deservedly coveted phones on the market. You can always “make it your own” by covering it all up with a case, right? * pernah gak teringinkan henpon ini tp belum sampai seru gamaknyer ….



10 Responses

  1. >Teringin jugak ngan Apple iPhone..Tp sama la ngan Hanie..'seru'x sampai lg..Bila la agaknya nak sempai'seru'tu ya..??

  2. Ummi Hanie says:

    > iphone mmg mahai but cntik gler…tunggu kite cop duit dulu kot sis :)

  3. penaberkala says:

    >orang kat iphone tak lasakcepat rosak dan bateri tak tahan sgttak tau btul taktp minat gak dgn iphone

  4. hans says:

    >hahahgua pakai 33 skupang jerhp murah yg amat

  5. >penaberkala:orang kat iphone tak lasakcepat rosak dan bateri tak tahan sgttak tau btul taktp minat gak dgn iphoneYe ke cpt rosak?(Dh lh dakoo nie lasak..)Minat mmg minat tp best kekalo Hp pakai touch je nie?Xder keypad kn iPhone nie?

  6. >H/P CSL lebih kurang mcm iPhone..

  7. penaberkala says:

    >cpl canggih tp murah je kan..yg ada tv tuh

  8. hans says:

    >kak ieda : ntah la..xpenah beli..haha..tapi benda mahal xkan cepat rosak kut

  9. hans says:

    >kak ieda : tingin nak beli hp csl sebab tu malaysia buat..lagi pun murah..dkt mana ada yer?

  10. hans says:

    >pena : aku cari juga yg jenis ada tv tu…murah kan..canggih pun canggih

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